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Pure Traditional Patron Liquors. With characteristic aroma of cinnamon and clove. Famous for its digestive properties. Served in small shot glasses, frozen, low glass with crushed ice in cocktails.

The traditional liqueur of Patras, with the characteristic aroma of cinnamon, carnation and nutmeg. Many give the tentura digestive properties. The truth is that after each meal, the tentura gives lovely mouthfeel. Many speculate for the time origin of tentura, others place it in the 19th century, others the 18th! Today, tentura CHRIS gaining more and more fans, who prefer to drink with various «modern» ways such as shot, straight at normal temperature or chilled with crushed ice in an open-flat glass, with fresh cream and grated cinnamon, soda or tonic and accompany with unsalted nuts, donuts and traditional sweets such as baklava or galaktomboureko. Enjoy tentura CHRIS, close your eyes and walk the streets of the old graphic Patras, or if you are in a bar, let the rhythm of the music take you away!

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