• 1988 TODAY G. BROS. Stathopoulos OE


Theodoros Chrysanthakopoulos founded the distillery at 115, Ag. Andreou Street, in Patras. He bought Russian oak barrels holding two thousand kg each from the Asimakopoulos distillery to store his beverages, a wood-fired ouzo distillation still from Vanelis – Koukouras and all other contemporary tools needed to make ouzo, cognac, mastic, tentura and liqueurs. The beverages produced were sold in the local market of Achaia and in his shop, where he served them to customers.


After 42 years of experience and growth, the distillery took part in the Thessaloniki International Fair, where it received its first gold award, while the following year it received the grand prize


After the war and following Theodoros’ death, the company was taken over by his son, Christos Chrysanthakopoulos, who extended distribution to prefectures outside Achaia (Korinthia, Ilia, Arcadia, Aetoloakarnania, Boeotia, Epirus and the Ionian Islands). He bought a new 1000 kg oil-fired still


His nephews Andreas and Alexis Stathopoulos (his sister’s children) enter the company. They learn the advanced secrets of the distillation process and take over after Christos’ retirement. The company is on a course of dynamic growth, with exports to Germany, Belgium and the USA.


One century after its establishment, the company’s production unit is transferred from its store οn Agiou Andreou Street to modern facilities in Agios Vasilios, Patras. Its new high-standard production lines are housed in 2000 sq.m. privately-owned premises.


The great grandchildren of the founder Theodoros, Giorgos Stathopoulos, son of Andreas, and Giorgos Stathopoulos, son of Alexios, take over the company.They update its equipment with modern machinery and arrange for its certification in accordance with HACCP & ISO 22000:2005. They create a new tsipouro distillation unit, new packaging, conclude new agreements and further exports. Today, the company offers a wide range of spirits, has developed a nationwide sales network and exports to Europe and America.

Over time, the secret of success of the Stathopoulos family distillery & distillery products has always been its dedication to traditional recipes, blends and proportions of ingredients, herbs and fruits.