• 1988 TODAY G. BROS. Stathopoulos OE

In 1895 Theodore Chrysanthakopoulos founds making beverages in Ag. Andreou 115 Patra, buys from distiller’s Asimakopulos oak barrels of two thousand pounds each, Russian origin, to store drinks, ouzo distillation cauldron heated by wood from Vaneli – Koukoura and other tools that were at that time to making ouzo, brandy, mastic tentura Patras and liqueurs. The drinks were sold in the local market of Achaia and the shop that served.

In 1937 participates in the TIF and takes the gold medal and in 1938 the mega prize.

In 1947 after the war and the death of Theodore the company to take his son Christos Chrysanthakopoulos and expand distribution outside the prefectures of Achaia. (Corinth, Elis, Arcadia, Aitoloakarnania, Viotia, Epirus, Ionian islands) buys new boiler 1000 kg, heated by oil.

In 1970 he entered the company nephews of Andrew and Alexis Stathopoulos (children of his sister). The works have reached very high, with exports to Germany – USA – Belgium.

In 1988 the brothers, Andrew and Alexis Stathopoulos, nephews Chris Chrysanthakopoulos, assume the company after the retirement of the sulfur.

In 1994 after 99 years of residence of the company at the same address Ag. Andreou 115, they transfer it to modern facilities in Ag. Vasilios in Rio Patras. New production lines housed in a 2000 sq.m. and to a high standard.

In 2004 George Andrew Stathopoulos and George Alexiou Stathopoulos, great-granddaughter of the founder Theodore, assume the company and equip it with the most modern machinery, certified with HACCP & ISO 22000: 2005, create new tsipouro distillery, new packaging, new agreements and exports.

Always based on tradition recipes and quality that they were taught by their ancestors.